White Label Fire Testing Services Sydney

White Label Fire Testing For Fire Companies & Building Managers

Boost and Flow Testing is a trusted provider of white label fire testing services in Sydney and the surrounding areas. We work with fire protection companies, building managers, body corporates, plumbers, hydraulic consultants, and other businesses to provide reliable and cost-effective fire testing services that meet safety standards and compliance.

Our fully equipped fire trucks can be provided under your brand name, ensuring seamless and professional services. Partner with Boost & Flow Testing for efficient white label fire testing services for your Sydney building, guaranteeing peace of mind, safety & reliability! Get in touch with us now to learn more about our services!

Who We Serve

Boost & Flow Testing provides high-quality and affordable white label fire system testing services to private and corporate sectors, ensuring the safety and reliability of your fire hydrant system and booster cabinet in an emergency. Our experienced team uses the latest tools, technologies & testing equipment to meet NSW Government regulations and fire hydrant requirements, assessing your fire safety installation in your premises. Trust us to handle all your fire hydrant inspections, flow and pressure tests, and fire booster system needs! Speak to our Booster Flow Testing Sydney specialists to ensure top-level compliance & ultimate peace of mind for your building!

At Boost & Flow Testing, we serve a wide range of clienteles, including:

Building Owners, Managers & Body Corporates

We can help you ensure that your building is up-to-date with the latest fire safety standards & regulations. Count on us to attend to all your fire safety needs for total peace of mind!

Fire Protection Companies & Design Teams

We collaborate with fire protection service providers, delivering dependable fire testing & maintenance services to keep property fire boosters and hydrant systems in optimal condition.

Hydraulic Consultants, Plumbers & Building Engineers

We provide fire hydrant testing services to hydraulic consultants, plumbers, and building engineers, ensuring that surrounding communities are safe and secure in case of a fire.

Professional White Label Fire Booster & Hydrant Flow Testing Services

At Boost and Flow Testing, we’re dedicated to delivering the very best in white label fire hydrant flow testing and boost tests, with our team of highly-qualified experts combining their experience and expertise with the latest testing equipment to provide reliable and efficient services to our valued clients.

We will inspect and boost your fire system to ensure it operates optimally, with convenient 6 monthly, annual & 5 yearly testing options available. Don’t take any chances regarding your fire protection system – partner with us for professional white label fire booster and hydrant testing services you can rely on! Contact us now to discover how we can help you!

White Label Street Water Main & Fire System Pressure Testing

Boost and Flow Testing offers specialised hydrostatic pressure testing, including fire hydrant and booster pressure tests and street water main testing. Our fire testing experts ensure your fire system’s safety and reliability during emergencies by pressurising your system to mimic firefighting operations to check for any defects or leaks.

We can also measure your street water main’s pressure and check the current pressure & flow rates for new fire hydrant system installations or upgrades for fire protection companies or building developers. 

Count on us to provide accurate and thorough results every time! Speak to one of our friendly team now to learn more about our fire system pressure testing services or book a white label pressure test now!

Western Sydney Fire Testing Services

Leaders in White Label Fire Hydrant Testing & Compliance

At Boost and Flow Testing, we understand the importance of meeting fire safety standards and keeping your fire booster and hydrant system compliant with the latest NSW Fire Regulations (AS1851-2012).

That’s why our team stays informed about the latest government legislation, fire safety standards & local council guidelines to ensure you fulfil your legal requirements. Don’t put your life and those of your employees and customers at risk – make sure your fire compliance is up-to-date, and your building remains safe at all times. 

Book your 6-monthly, annual or 5-yearly fire system service and inspection with the Fire Hydrant Testing Sydney specialists at Boost & Flow Testing today!

Annual Fire Testing Service

With fire licensing now mandatory in NSW, we offer annual fire safety inspections and testing schedules to suit your needs. Ensure the compliance, safety and reliability of your fire booster and hydrant system is maintained with our convenient annual fire hydrant testing services!

5 Yearly Hydrant Test Service

Boost and Flow Testing offers total peace of mind for business & building owners, with 5 yearly hydrant testing services available. We will ensure your fire system remains compliant with the latest local & state fire safety standards, legislation and guidelines.

Why Choose Us For Your White Label
Fire Testing Services

For professional white label fire testing services you can rely on, look no further than Boost and Flow Testing! With our qualified & experienced technicians, fully equipped fire trucks, comprehensive testing equipment, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the leading choice for all your booster and fire hydrant testing needs!

From 6-monthly and annual testing to 5-yearly white label services available, we’ve got you covered! Count on our fully insured and accredited experts to help keep your fire systems compliant and safe at all times. Get in touch to learn more now!

Frequently Asked Questions

The booster assembly provides a point of attachment for the fire brigade to provide additional water to a fire hydrant system in the event of an emergency. The location of the fire booster cabinet should be chosen to ensure that it is readily accessible and provide protection to firefighters.

Fire booster flow testing is a process of evaluating the performance and efficiency of a building’s fire hydrant system, including the fire pump and booster, to ensure they are working properly and meeting fire safety standards. It assesses the system’s capabilities of delivering water at the required pressure and flow rate in the event of a fire. Get in touch to learn more or organise a boost test with us today!

Regular fire booster flow testing is important because it helps identify potential issues early on, ensuring the safety of the building and its occupants, and prevents costly repairs and downtime in the future.

The frequency of fire hydrant & booster flow testing depends on the building’s fire hydrant system and the local fire safety regulations in place. In NSW, this is typically performed 6 monthly, annually and 5-yearly, depending on your system and property size.

A fire booster flow test includes a thorough evaluation of the fire hydrant system’s performance, including the fire pump, booster, and water flow rate and pressure. It also includes checks of the system’s components to ensure they are functioning correctly and meeting fire safety standards. We also check the surrounding area to ensure there are no obstructions that could hinder fire fighting capabilities.

The cost of fire booster flow testing varies depending on the size and complexity of the fire hydrant system and the frequency of the testing. Booster Flow Testing Sydney offers competitive and affordable pricing for our fire booster flow testing services – contact us for more information!

Hydrostatic testing is an essential part of maintaining the integrity of your fire hydrant system. It is a process that checks for leaks, cracks, and other defects that could impact the performance of your hydrant in an emergency.

Hydrant flow testing is a process that measures the flow rate of water from your fire hydrant, which is an essential part of ensuring that your hydrant system is capable of meeting the demands of a fire.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to answer your questions and help you with anything you need! Get in touch now.

A fire hydrant flow test measures the flow rate, volume, and pressure of water as it passes through the booster pump. This helps to determine the overall performance of your system and identify any potential issues.