Fire Hydrant Maintenance Becoming Mandatory in NSW

Fyrepower performing fire hydrant maintenance and boost test in Redfern Sydney


A 2021 audit commissioned by the Office of the Building Commissioner found recommendations in ways to improve fire safety in class 2 residential buildings. These recommendations involve amending the current Environmental Planning and Assessment (Development Certification and Fire Safety) Regulation 2021. The amendment was implemented in several stages; the first two commenced back in February 2023 and August 2023. The last stage, which is the focus of this article, will commence in 13 February 2025.

Here is the fact sheet from the NSW Fair Trading website: NSW fact sheet

Here is a link to the full report: Improving fire safety 2021 report

Key information regarding the changes commencing in 13 February 2025:

  • Building owners’ fire safety obligations and maintenance responsibilities are specified in the ‘building manual’.
  • The building manual is based on standards laid out in Australian Standard 1851-2012 ‘Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment’.
  • Routine maintenance processes of fire safety systems will become mandatory.
  • The specific mandatory routine maintenance, for example, for fire hydrant systems, will be specified in the template building manual in the ‘Maintenance matrix’ section where it also specifies the maintenance frequency (six-monthly, annually, five-yearly and so on) and the standard to follow, in this case AS 1851.
  • In addition to the maintenance frequency, documentation processes set by the standard, in this case AS 1851, must be followed.
  • It is the responsibility of building owners to ensure compliance to requirements regarding fire safety.

You can find an example maintenance matrix in page 29 of the report.

Example of maintenance matrix taken from the 2021 report
Example of maintenance matrix taken from the 2021 report

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